Leak Adjustment Request

Below are some helpful notes related to making a Leak Adjustment Request

How We Define a Leak. A leak is un undetected and unintended use of water by a customer resulting from a defect or break in a water pipe, water valve or other water appliance or seal caused other
than by the direct or indirect action of the customer or a party authorized by the customer.

How We Define Excess Water Usage. Excess water usage is water usage during a billing period which exceeds the average monthly water usage by at least 25% for a particular meter serving a customer for the same month period for the five (5) years immediately preceding the discovery of the leak.

How We Define Billing Adjustment. Adjustment means a modification of a water charge based on excess water usage caused solely by a leak. An adjustment can only be made once during a five (5) year period.

Detailed Requirements for Making a Request for an Adjustment. A request for an adjustment must be made in writing and submitted to the District within twenty-one (21) days after the date of the bill that includes excess water usage caused by a leak. The leak adjustment period is limited to one billing cycle.

Request a Leak Adjustment by filling out the online form below: